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HP Exterior is Calgary’s first preference for Stucco, Siding and Roofing. Our extremely talented contractors are Alberta natives, so we understand correct as well as productive Stucco jobs in Calgary.
Aside from offering specialist knowledge and experience as well as high-quality facilities, HP Exterior provides unrestricted and honest
estimates and upfront pricing on all facilities. Notify us or fill out the basic application on this website, and a representative of our Calgary group will consult you as early as conceivable. We are pleased to offer references for Calgary Stucco projects that arrive with no-struggle, no-pressure assurance. We provide a variety of Stucco, Roofing and Siding facilities.
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What is acrylic stucco?

Acrylic stucco is made up of acrylic adhesives or polymers, sand, and squashed chert, with the only substance in common among acrylic and traditional stucco cement being sand. HP Exterior provides the perfect acrylic stucco configuration assistance available.


Acrylic stucco looks like seedy varnish. It is also referred to as elastomeric stucco.
One of the greatest appealing aspects of acrylic stucco is that it is available in a wide range of lively colours. You can create a variety of patterns
Acrylic stucco is made from an artificial, inanimate substance.
Acrylic stuccos are significantly more expensive than traditional stucco cement.
We use a structured approach so that the house owner can sit and loosen up the procedure, knowing that the construction will be completed on time and on budget.

Stucco Installation

Cement stucco and acrylic stucco begin in a relatively similar manner, with the installation of building paper followed by the application of stucco covering. To enclose tiny holes or scratches on the walls before applying acrylic stucco, the paint is first prepped with a primer coat. It is then evenly applied to the walls.

Hard coat Stucco Repair

Hard coat Stucco Repair is a traditional stucco restoration method that has been used for many years. It is a three-coat stucco procedure with portal cement, sand, lime, and water mixed together to deliver a solid covering to your walls or houses.
It is not everyone’s business to configure or fix Hard coat stucco. The greatest thing about Hard coat stucco is how low-maintenance it is.

Stucco Water Damage Repair

Any mistakes or oversight throughout the placement or fixing of fresh stucco can result in recurrent stucco water leaks maintenance. A small crack, holes, or water splotches on the exterior or interior of your house’s walls or buildings indicate the need for a stucco repair expert.
We are here to help you with your stucco water leaks difficulties, thanks to
our technically talented and veteran stucco restoration professionals.

Stucco Ceiling

Our skilled stucco servicing technicians meticulously verify your home, looking for holes, patches, or gaps that necessitate stucco waterproofing and getting it done quickly for you.
We supply spotless and conscientious stucco coating facilities to guarantee that you do not experience any additional water interference issues through such secured holes or cracks for an extended duration of time.

Stucco Installation and Replacement

Customers can rely on us for the entire stucco facility. We will handle every aspect of your stucco construction process, from conducting a detailed evaluation of your property to developing a reasonable budget and eventually placing stucco walls.
Contact HP Exterior if you are searching for a stucco implementation and restoration expert. We have the necessary expertise.

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